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Helping you to reduce your energy prices whilst benefiting the environment.

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Whether you want to bring your home energy bills down, or take your business carbon neutral and pave the way to a free energy future make sure you work with a team that guarantees quality products and installations

  Why solar

Adding a solar electric system is an easy way to invest in your home or businesses’ value and protect the environment by using solar energy.

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Our team has extensive experience and a passion for the business. We closely link modelling, building, and monitoring to provide solutions.

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We have built solid relationships with the top vendors in the industry, which enables us to get materials needed to build systems on schedule.

All our team members aim to deliver a personalised, friendly, helpful and supportive service which puts you first and provides the best possible communication and liaison ensuring fast turnarounds that minimise disruption to your business or home.

Solar is a fast growing market with a constant flow of new brands, models and ideas appearing every day, we provide you with the expertise and knowledge to pick out the ideal system for your home or business from quality assured manufacturers. Tell us what you hope to achieve and we can work out how many panels your roof needs and what they can be expected to deliver.

Solar PV panels generate electricity during the day. This meant relying on electricity from the grid at night. The solar PV battery storage systems alllows you to obtain the energy generated by your solar panels, store it and use it any time throughout the day or night. You can now make the most of the electricity your solar PV panels produce and reduce your reliance on utility companies.

About us

We believe in providing all our customers with really high standards of work from a qualified, certified and professional team. Part P registered guarantee domestic plus commercial customers reliability, commitment and advice in choosing panel configurations & Electrical installations.


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