Solaredge EV inverter


Charge your car with your Solar

Energy will be a key resource. More and more households are relying on renewable energy and now the use of electric vehicles is gaining pace. The EV charging inverter maximises self-consumption by using excess PV for EV charging. It combines sun and grid power for charging up to 2.5 times faster than standard EV chargers using existing electricity infrastructure.


Benefits of a home charging station

Most electric car manufacturers advise that you do not use a standard 13 amp socket for charging your electric car at home for safety reasons. For example, your electric vehicle is equivalent to charging an electric oven, which is a much larger electric load in comparison to your toaster, which can be charged in any standard plug in your house. As OZEV approved installers, you can get a £350 grant towards the installation & charger.


Have your EV work for you

E-mobility is no longer something for the future but, thanks to the continuously increasing number of new models from the major car manufacturers has finally become a thing of the present. Charging from a standard plug at home takes longer and is not considered safe. Estimates reveal that on average over 80% of all charging activities are carried out at home. It is recommended to have a electrical vehicle charging unit installed at home for convenience and safety.