House with solar PV


Photo' means 'light' and 'voltaic' means 'energy producing' and together they form the term used to describe the technology that converts solar energy into power.

Photovoltaic cells have two layers of semi-conductors, one positively charged and one negatively charged. When light shines on the cells, the electric field between these two layers causes electricity to flow, generating a direct current. The stronger the light, the greater the flow of electricity, although even on cloudy days energy will still be generated.


There are 3 basic types of PV panels, although they all use silicon derived from sand. 

Monocrystalline cells are cut from a single crystal of silicon making them the most expensive to produce, and the most efficient. They are recognisable by an even external colouring. Due to their rigidity they must be mounted in a frame for protection.

Polycrystalline cells are effectively a slice cut from a block of silicon, consisting of many crystals. This type is slightly less efficient and slightly cheaper.

Non-crystalline cells are created by placing a thin film of non-crystalline silicon onto a variety of surfaces. These are the least efficient and cheapest to produce of the three types.

Photovoltaic solar panels that turn sunlight into electricity have been part of our technology for decades, and whilst you would like to use this free energy, the cost of setting things up often puts people off. In today’s environmentally conscious world solar is growing fast;
government grants brought down costs and improvements in manufacturing has improved efficiency. 


   Competent and professional panel installation

Getting a flush, tidy and professionally finished installation is essential to keep your roof watertight and looking great as well as your solar system working smoothly. Our team includes fully trained solar installers and skilled tradesmen to ensure everything is installed perfectly.


   Certified electrical installation and connection to the grid

Using Part P certified electricians we fit a suitable inverter system and make sure of a safe and functioning connection to the national grid, assuring you of 24 hour power and direct delivery of the surplus power into your PV storage system, saving you money as a power generating station.


   Quality products, professional installations and exceptional service

We deliver the complete service; experienced engineers you can trust to get it right, reliable estimates using professional Solar PV software. Projects delivered on time with a personalised, professional, expert and friendly approach to the way we deal with people from private homeowners to local authorities and commercial business owners.

Whatever you want out of solar power at home or at work, speak to our team for advice, service and the latest products on the market.